Around the World: 3 Places Where Squash is Thriving

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Squash is becoming an increasingly popular sport in many places around the world today. In most places where it is played on a highly competitive level the squash game is thriving. What was once known as a sport that only the wealthy could afford to play, squash is now more accessible to people of all income levels.

With the growth of the sport and the accessibility to new squash players, three of the biggest countries where the squash game is thriving are:

  • The United States
  • Egypt
  • England

While the game is popular in many other countries as well, these are the three biggest players and produce some of the most popular and consistent champions in competition.

Squash in the United States

As the game of squash becomes increasingly more popular in the United States, they have added a number of new tournaments, including the biggest new tournament, The US Open Squash Doubles Tournament. The United States is also home to the US Squash Open, which is one of the most significant competitions in the world.

As the competition grows, so does the need for more courts and that is exactly what is happening in the US – new courts are popping up around the country, encouraging new players to get involved in the sport. Another factor that proves squash is thriving in the US is the age group of new players is getting younger, giving them more time to properly train and compete. With many juniors being so interested in squash, it is no secret that colleges have had to adapt to the growing popularity as well. Many Ivy League schools now offer financial aid packages to elite squash players.

Squash is Becoming More Popular in Egypt

With some of the world’s best players coming out of Egypt, it is no wonder that the sport of squash is thriving in that country. Younger players in awe of these champions are working harder than ever to get to an elite competition level in squash and many are hoping for the scholarships available to colleges in the United States to play the game.

In the current World Rankings, players from Egypt hold two prominent spots. Mohamed Eishorbagy is currently the top squash champion while Amr Shabana holds the number four spot. In a nation that is not as large and access to squash is not as readily available as in the United States or England, this is a very large accomplishment for Egypt. The country’s successes are not limited to only the men. In the Women’s Squash Association, Raneen El Weilily holds the number two spot and Nour El Tayeb is currently in fifth place.

Egypt’s prominence in the sport is only going to grow as they keep producing top squash players. It is definitely a country where the sport is thriving.

England – The Birthplace of Squash

It should come as no surprise that squash is still thriving in England. As the birthplace of the sport, squash is popular on both the competitive level and recreationally. Offered at most colleges and prep schools, younger students are being exposed to the sport at an early age, giving them more time to practice and gain technique and skill.

According to the world rankings for May, in the Professional Squash Association, an Englishman by the name of Nick Matthew currently holds the number two spot. In the Women’s Squash Association, Alison Waters and Laura Massero hold the number three and four spots, respectively.

In a nation where many hold world titles and top spots, colleges readily offer access to the sport and it is enjoyed by the entire nation, the popularity of squash will only continue to grow.

Squash Doesn’t Stop There

Although the United States, Egypt and England are three of the most thriving nations for the sport of squash, popularity of the game isn’t limited to these countries. People all over the world are playing squash on both competitive and recreational levels.

France, Germany and Columbia are countries that also hold top players in the world rankings for May. In the Women’s Squash Association, top players are from Malaysia, France, Hong Kong, Australia, Ireland and India. Although these countries are where the current top players are from, the game is being played in 185 countries across the world.

It is no secret the game of squash is thriving. There are more than 50,000 courts found worldwide with many new courts being built as the popularity of the sport increases. With this growth, it is possible that squash will one day be as common as baseball and tennis and played recreationally among families worldwide.