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Solo Squash Drills to Try at Home

Solo Squash Drills to Try at Home Improve Your Skills in Preparation for Squash Camp Solo squash drills and training at home doesn't have to be lonely and dull. In fact, if you don't keep solo practice fun and entertaining you'll most likely never be able to sustain a consistent, enjoyable, or productive on-court workout. Here are some tips to put a little awesome-sauce back in your routines, and enjoy your rapid improvement. A good rule of thumb is to practice by yourself at least 15 minutes once a week. Solo plays helps you pay closer attention to your technique and rewire any bad stroke habits. It's also a great opportunity to monitor your shot accuracy and performance. [Read More>]

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Other Resources

We are here to help you and your camper in any way we can. Here are some additional resources to help grow the mental side of your game.

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