Squash Training - Camp Squash Lob Serve

Julian IllingWorth Teaches the Lob Serve

Squash Coaches - Paul Assaiante

Paul Assaiante Interview – A True Leader and Father of Squash

Camp Squash - Breaking Down the Serve

Strategy of the Serve

Camp Squash - Boast Shot Squash

The Boast Shot

Camp Squash - Squash Coaches Mike Way Harvard

Mike Way Tactical Workout

Squash Training - Camp Squash Serving

The Ever Powerful Sideways Position

Camp Squash - Behind the Back Trick Shot

Fancy-Tricks Behind the Back Boast

Camp Squash - Basics of Squash

Learn the Basics of Squash

Squash Tips For Players

Fluid Replacement Tips for The Squash Player

How to Go from Average to Awesome

Great Squash Drills

10 Serve Routines

5 Drive Workouts

3 Boast Routines

3 Lob Drills

Squash Team Bonding and Ice Breakers

Ice Breaker Games

Common Denominator- Team Bonding

Basics of Squash

The Grip

The Equipment

The Rules