Footwork & Timing

Squash tips: 1,2,3 movement exercise with Thierry Lincou

Intermediate- Advanced Solo Routine

Solo Drills

Solo practice is one of the most fundamental components to developing and maintaining one's game.…

Ramy Ashour – Top 5 Rallies

Ramy Mohamed Ashour, from Egypt, widely regarded as one of the best squash players in…

Revisit Proper Positioning and Grip

Wrist Position - Squash Fundamentals with Nick Taylor..Stop the Balloon from Falling Elbow & Space…

Squash Training - Camp Squash Lob Serve

Julian IllingWorth Teaches the Lob Serve

Squash Coaches - Paul Assaiante

Paul Assaiante Interview – A True Leader and Father of Squash

Camp Squash - Breaking Down the Serve

Strategy of the Serve

Camp Squash - Boast Shot Squash

The Boast Shot

Camp Squash - Squash Coaches Mike Way Harvard

Mike Way Tactical Workout

Squash Training - Camp Squash Serving

The Ever Powerful Sideways Position

Camp Squash - Behind the Back Trick Shot

Fancy-Tricks Behind the Back Boast

Camp Squash - Basics of Squash

Learn the Basics of Squash

Psychology & Wellness

Positive University – Podcast with Jon Gordon

The Calm App

In April Free PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance) Course – Triple Impact Competitor

Dealing with BIG ATTITUDES during these home days

Live Workouts




Virtual Team Spirit

Theme Weeks, Would You Rather, Hat Day, Wacky Wednesday or Funny Friday, Team Cheers, Senior Day, TikTok Challenges and Viral Videos, Vision Boards, Quick Fire Questions,

Great Squash Film