Solo Squash Drills to Try at Home

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Solo squash drills and training at home doesn’t have to be lonely and dull. In fact, if you don’t keep solo practice fun and entertaining you’ll most likely never be able to sustain a consistent, enjoyable, or productive on-court workout. Here are some tips to put a little awesome-sauce back in your routines, and enjoy your rapid improvement.

Solo Squash Drills to Try at Home

A good rule of thumb is to practice by yourself at least 15 minutes once a week. Solo plays helps you pay closer attention to your technique and rewire any bad stroke habits. It’s also a great opportunity to monitor your shot accuracy and performance.

Side to Side solo drill

Side to Side Solo Squash Drill

This is a super-easy drill to warm up and build confidence.

  • Start by facing forward on the T
  • If you are a right-handed player, hit a forehand ball to the left side wall, so it loops across the court to hit the opposite side wall without bouncing.
  • While maintaining a forward position, let the ball bounce once then play a backhand against the right hand wall, so it loops back to the other side and hits it without bouncing.
  • Play a forehand against the left hand wall again.
  • Repeat until you can get at least 20 shots in a row, trying to keep the ball bouncing on the half-court line each time.

The Front Trickle

  • Stand in the front right corner.
  • Hit a forehand toward the side wall, so it results in a hit to the front wall like a trickle boast.
  • After the ball bounces once, hit a backhand, front wall to side wall, back onto your forehand.
  • Repeat. When you can do 20 without moving your feet, lift the ball up a little and try this drill on the volley.
Solo Squash Drills to Try at Home
Squash Drills

Figure Of 8

  • Stand on the T and hit a forehand across your body, front wall to side wall.
  • Let the ball bounce only 1 time on the floor, then play a backhand shot across your body front wall to side wall on the opposite side.
  • Repeat. Work up to 20 repetitions without moving your feet, if possible.
  • Don’t let the ball bounce, so you can do it on the volley.

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