From the moment the International Squash Academy was established to provide junior squash camps, we had one goal in mind. We want to help squash players of all skill and age levels improve their on-court performance while achieving elite levels of competitiveness. That’s why we have an international network of coaches at the top of the sport who willingly dedicate their time and energy to help fulfill this purpose.

Our programs range from open-attendance instruction camps to invitation-only elite camps and showcases each year, but what separates us from other squash camps? 

Many things separate us from our competition, like our low camper-to-coach ratio, the high level of personalized instruction, and the caliber of coaches we bring in every year. The one thing that sets us apart, though, is the presence of the Positive Coaching Alliance, also known as the PCA.

Each of our Squash Camp Directors is Double-Goal Certified by the PCA. This is a terrific non-profit organization dedicated to developing better athletes and better people. This is accomplished by being committed to providing all youth and high school athletes a positive, character-building youth sports experience – on and off the court.

Now, you’re probably wondering what being Double-Goal Certified is. This is a course all our camp directors take that’s focused on coaching for winning and life lessons because it’s hard to truly have success without one or the other. We hear all the time that athletes have gained so many life lessons from their particular sport. We want to make sure that’s emphasized for all the youth squash players that we cross paths with! 

This is just one of several courses offered by the PCA. All of them are expert-developed and designed to help coaches, athletes, parents, and officials ensure that winning happens on and off the field in youth sports. There are so many instances where it seems like someone – whether it be an athlete, coach, or parent – forgets that while sports are technically competition, they’re also a game. And that means they’re supposed to be fun.

These PCA courses are great because they’re self-paced and include instructional modules with opportunities to be reflective and interactive. You also don’t have to wait to start implementing these new principles – some easy-to-use tools and tips can be used right away.

This is a priority because we all know how impactful being a youth athlete can be. Many may have big dreams, but a very small percentage grow up to be professional athletes. The lessons learned on the squash court can easily be transferred to other areas in life, such as high school, college, and the workforce.

Focusing on the physical and mental aspects of squash – thanks to the Positive Coaching Alliance – truly sets the ISA apart from its peers by providing a one-of-a-kind experience during summer camp. There’s only so much we can cover in the limited time available, so we try to make it as impactful as possible.

If you’re interested in learning more about our International Squash Academies this summer, click here to find a camp near you and be on your way to becoming a better squash player!