Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend Squash Camp

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Aspiring squash players know, improving and constantly evolving with the game is the key to success. They need to continue to develop their technique along with their endurance. So what is the best way to improve? Attend a squash camp!

Why Attend a Squash Camp?

1. High Level of One-on-One Training – Attending a squash camp is a great way to get one-on-one training time. Because of the low ratio of coaches to students at these camps, the attention each camper gets rivals paying for a private coach. Along with learning new skills, this individual attention gives the coach time to work with the student and evaluate exactly what works for them. Because they are usually a week long and not just an hour at a time, the coach is able to see progress or regression as time goes on and address it appropriately.

2. Learn Newest Techniques– There is no better place to learn the newest methods than at squash camp! Often times these camps are coached by some of the best squash players in the world, so they are absolutely on top of the newest skills and know the best ways to achieve them. This level of coaching is most beneficial to the students as they are often gaining skills they otherwise would not be able to obtain on their own. In a squash camp situation it also gives the student the time needed to perfect their skill under the coach’s watchful eye before using it in competition.

3. Break Bad Habits – One of the worst things for any athlete is to have “bad habits” when it comes to technique. These customs can ultimately hurt your game and limit your ability to learn new skills. If there is a certain exercise in which you have already formed a bad habit for, it is necessary to break that habit before continuing to learn the next skill level or you will never perfect it. This will ultimately snowball and greatly impact the student’s playing ability. At a squash camp, the coaches will work hard with students to establish the correct technique on fundamental skills and break unhelpful practices they may have already established. Breaking bad habits can be the difference between a good squash player and a great squash player.

4. Meet Competition – There is no better place than a squash camp to meet friends, as well as competition. Unless you are the most elite squash player at the camp, you are going to be paired up with others that are better than you. That may sound like a bad thing, but it is actually a great thing. By working with those that have a higher skill level, you are forced to set goals to achieve that same level or better to beat them. In addition, it is a great time to collaborate with the other campers to see what is working for them and how you can implement some of their ideas into your training. Meeting friends can help in the future as well. Even outside of camp you will have others to talk to and to run ideas past when working toward your next goal. Finding people with the same interests is important when you are working to become an elite squash player. Healthy competition is beneficial for everyone.

5. Constant Playing Time – Something you’re not going to get anywhere but at squash camp is the amount of playing time allotted. Since the whole point of attending a squash camp is to actually play the game, hours of competition are built in to camp time along with conditioning and skills practice. A squash player is never going to get better by just thinking about squash or playing recreationally. They need to log the hours of practice. Getting a lot of playing time can be difficult at your racquet club or gym because of the limited court use these places usually have. In a camp setting, the court areas are designated only for the camp, ensuring you are getting more than enough play time.

OK I Want To Go, Now What?

Once you have decided that squash camp is exactly what you need, it is time to find the perfect camp for you. Many camps are sleepaway week-long camps, but some do offer day options. It is most beneficial for the student to participate in the sleepaway option. It is the best way to get the most out of squash camp. While many beginner camps are simply sign up camps, the higher level camps are by invitation only.

Visit Camp Squash to learn about all of the different camps available and options that best suit your family.