The Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp Programs

Camp Squash - Boy Squash Campers on Court

It’s no secret that to be the best at anything you have to practice hard, because after all, practice makes perfect. While practicing at your local gym or court is great, there is often no way to judge your progress or make sure your technique is flawless. So what can you do to ensure you are getting the most productive practice possible? Attend a summer camp program of course!

With a summer camp, you are living the game of squash for the duration of the camp. You are playing against others who match your skill set, you are being taught by instructors who are able to recognize your weaknesses and the areas you can improve and will help you to do so and, most importantly, you are getting more play time than you would anywhere else.

The biggest draw toward a summer camp is finding the right one for you, both in distance and in cost. Luckily, the International Squash Academy offers many camps to choose from, ensuring something will best meet your needs.

Connecticut Camps

One of three states offering summer squash camps, Connecticut has many cities to choose from. With camps in Salisbury, Hartford, New Haven, Watertown and Windsor, there are plenty of camps to choose from. While the camps vary in ages, most offer an overnight fee and a day fee. It is strongly recommended to attend the overnights, as part of the experience of these camps is to truly “live” the game of squash with those around you that share the love for the sport.

For the elite squash player, the hopes of getting an invitation to the Trinity College Elite Invitational Squash Camp in Hartford is a dream come true. This invitation only camp is taught by some of the best players in the game and is guaranteed to take your game to the next level. Emphasizing the emotional aspect of squash, one of the main concepts of the camp is to teach players to prepare emotionally and effectively manage their emotions when it comes to competitive team play.

Massachusetts Camps

While Connecticut offers more locations for camps, Massachusetts still has two camps to choose from. These camps are located in Deerfield and Concord. Both camps serve players age 10-18 and are co-ed. They both offer an overnight option, an extended day option and a regular day option.

New Jersey Camps

New Jersey also offers two squash camps, although they are very different in offerings. The first is offered in Blairstown as a co-ed camp serving ages 10-18. This camp, like most others, gives you the choice to choose the overnight camp, the extended day camp or the regular day camp.

The Lawrenceville School Elite Invitational Squash Camp is very similar to the Trinity College Elite Invitational Squash Camp in Hartford. It is an invitation only camp for the elite squash player and is limited to the first 32 spots available. The focus of the camp is the same as it is in Hartford, the emotional aspect of the game. Learning how to prepare emotionally and how to best manage your emotions during competitive play are what set elite players apart from your everyday squash player. With half of the game being mental, controlling your emotions is extremely important.

Camps Hold Great Value

While squash camp is not cheap by any means, the value you are getting far exceeds the cost, especially when you are choosing the overnight camps. For the beginner or intermediate squash player, this is a time to really perfect your skills. You have a trainer watching your every move and can tell you exactly how to correct your technique, improving your play. In addition, you will be interacting with others who love the game and are learning as much as you are, so you are able to help each other. There is nothing like being able to bounce ideas and strategies off each other, even when that person is ultimately your competitor.

For the elite player, being invited to an elite camp is a dream come true. As a die hard squash player, your love for the game and your technique are already at a high point or you wouldn’t have received an invitation. This is your chance to really perfect the mental and emotional side of your game. Learning how to handle your emotions and stress on the court to maintain a calm, well-collected appearance is so important when working against your competition. These camps are taught by some of the best players out there, ensuring you are getting the most out of your tuition. If you want to be the best, you want to learn from the best.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Go, Just Get There

Regardless of the location of the camp or the level of camp you are attending, just getting there is a step in the right direction to becoming a great squash player. Nothing good comes without dedication and a lot of hard work and attending one of these fantastic summer camps is the first step in succeeding in your squash game. Make sure to check them out and register for the one that best suits you today!