Extended Day vs. Day Squash Camps: What Are the Differences?

Squash Camps - Girl Squash Camper with Racquet

If you’re a squash player looking for top-notch instruction this summer, then you don’t have to look any further than the International Squash Academy. We not only pull from some of the sports top college coaches, but we want all the youth players in attendance to get personalized instruction from these terrific minds.

That’s why we install camper-to-coach ratios as low as 4-to-1 so campers can see significant on-court improvements in a fun and safe environment. There are a number of different camp offerings available to our youth squash players every year, and it’s important to know what the differences are.

Today, we’ll be focusing on what makes extended day and day squash camp different from one another.


Neither one of these camps requires players to stay overnight, but there are still some things to know about each.

The schedules are subject to change at every location, but extended day campers can expect to spend about 12 hours with us each day – from about 8:30am to 8:30pm. Meanwhile, day campers can expect to arrive at 9am and head home for the day at 4pm.

Extended day campers will eat both lunch and dinner with us, while day campers can enjoy dinner in the comforts of their own home after a fun day on the courts.

Camp Availability

Many of the squash camps you’ll find on our website have options for both day and extended day camps at the same location, but that’s not a universal fact. Colleges and certain private high schools that offer boarding to their students are the typical places where we offer extended day and overnight camps (and sometimes day camps).

As you’re looking through the different locations to find the best fit for what you’re looking for this summer, it’s important to be sure that the type of camp you want – whether it’s a showcase, specialty camp, overnight, extended day, or day camp – is available there.


There is going to be an obvious price change depending on the type of camp you want to register for. These prices are subject to change depending on the location, but let’s use the Salisbury School Squash Camp in Salisbury, Connecticut as an example.

This camp will be held between June 24th and June 29th this summer, offering day, extended day and overnight camp options for players. The price for day camps is $1,095, while the extended day camp price is slightly more at $1,195.

Whenever you do find the camp that interests you the most, be sure to select the “more info” button before making any decision because it lays out a bunch of extra important details, such as price, an overview of the camp itself, the coaches, check in/out details, and a photo gallery of the facility.

And if you do have any questions that you can’t find the answer to on the website itself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to ask!

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