What are the Benefits of Attending Squash Camp?

For those looking to find the right squash camp this summer, it’s important to know what sets certain camps apart from the competition. The International Squash Academy is the superior choice compared to everyone else for a few different reasons.

We consistently bring in top college coaches from the sport and get personalized attention with low camper-to-coach ratios, which can get as low as 4-to-1. Another important detail is that every camp director is Double-Goal Certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance.

What’s the PCA? It’s a national non-profit committed to character-building youth sports experiences to make players better on and off the court. So, we’re not just going to focus on helping campers improve their game – we want well-rounded athletes leaving our camps!

The benefits you’ll receive from attending a squash camp run by the International Squash Academy is rather wide-ranging, including physical, mental and material. You’ll have the luxury of training in a top-rate facility – which is always awesome – and our instructors will touch upon all the vital squash skills, such as: serves, grip, drops, boast, drives, lobs, court movements, swing mechanics, forehand and backhand, rules and marking, serves and refereeing.

Our campers are instructed in squash technique, tactical strategy and conditioning that’s most relevant to the game today. Any advanced players who want squash tournament training will get additional court opportunities in order to concentrate on things such as match play tactics, strategy and mental preparation in a competitive setting.

We’ve already gone over what you must pack if you’re headed to one of our squash camps, but it’s important to leave a little room in your bag for some of the swag you’ll head home with! Campers will receive an ISA Camp hat and Dri-Fit shirt, a lanyard and water bottle.

Quite possibly the biggest benefit of all at ISA is the staff we consistently bring together to help you take your game to the next level. We have an international team of top squash coaches, and they’re all be dedicating their time and energy to help athletes like you reach their full potential.

If you’re familiar with college squash, the most recognizable program is at Trinity College. The Bantams have won 13 consecutive men’s squash national titles, and we’re fortunate to have both head coach Paul Assaiante and assistant coach Vikram Malhotra join us. The women’s squash team has won two national titles, and we have head coach Wendy Bartlett joining us, as well.

While having these three coaches in attendance to instruct you at squash camp is incredible, that’s just the start of it – there are plenty of other college head coaches and former top players that will be there and ready to help you get better.

The benefits of attending squash camp with ISA are pretty clear. If you haven’t done so already, all there is left to do is sign up for one of our camps so you can enjoy them all!

Interested in joining the International Squash Academy this summer? Click here to find a camp near you and receive more information.