3 Exercises That Will Help Your Squash Game

Being in the best possible shape to succeed on the squash court takes time and effort! It’d be awesome if we could just show up and automatically be good, but that doesn’t happen very often. Typically, the route toward seeing significant progress as a squash player takes place off the court and in the gym.

Squash is a unique game because it combines so many physical attributes: speed, endurance, and strength. Sometimes, a squash player needs to have all three of those attributes during one volley. The actual game itself is a great workout, if but you’re a competitive player that’s trying to get ahead of your opponents, there’s plenty of work needs to be done before match day.

So, which exercises can help you be the best squash player you can possibly be? While there’s a lot of focus on your upper body since, well, you’re using your arms to swing your racquet and hit the ball, everything starts with your legs – they’re your foundation!

Without a good foundation, it’s impossible to have success. And believe it or not for those who aren’t familiar, your legs actually generate a lot of the power you get from any successful squash shot you’ve ever had. Being able to incorporate your lower body appropriately will not only give you more power on a more consistent basis, but it will also prevent your upper body from tiring out so quickly.

Here are three exercises that will directly be a huge benefit to your squash game:

Single-Leg Balance on a Bosu Ball

This exercise strengthens all your leg muscles and stabilizers, along with building your balance. A squash match will require you to bend and twist in a number of different directions at any given time, and sometimes, all at the same time. Having supreme control over your balance and making sure those muscles are toned beforehand will help you carry it out on a consistent basis when it counts the most.

Single-Leg Back Bridge

This exercise allows you to build a powerful core. Just as your legs are supposed to be the foundation of every squash shot you take; your core is next in line. The legs are supposed to generate the power and get things moving in the right direction, but the core is next in this kinetic line in order to transfer the weight and power to the upper portion of your body.

Explosive Box Step-Ups

The main muscle groups that will be worked here are your core, lats, and back, but your legs will also feel the benefits here. This will help support the obvious need for explosiveness on the squash court.

To get more information on how to perform these exercises and how often you should be doing them in a single workout, check out this link.

Of course, these are more foundational exercises. Truly getting physically fit to be the best squash player you can be takes careful preparation of an entire workout program over a number of days and weeks. However, these particular exercises are terrific ones to include in whatever program that’s designed for you.